Are you a Wood fan? Use it in your home!

Wood has always been an important part of our home for its functionality, elegance, and multiple uses. Wood brings us a comfortable and cozy look to the interior design. On the other hand, it is not only a sustainable material, but it is also very versatile, and you can add a rustic or a contemporary […]

Personalize your home with wall coverings.

The wall covering originates in Japan in 200 AD. Rice paper was pasted on the walls and then painted. It was used in Europe for palaces until it finally became popular worldwide in the 60s. The main advantage of wall covering is its installation and the great power to transform a monotonous space into a […]

Don’t be afraid to use black in your house! Black is back!

On these famous catwalks of fashion such as Paris, Milan, or New York, the color black never goes out of style. In clothing, it can have a masking effect, but in interior design, it is the opposite. The use of dark colors in our home always attracts attention. Black is a neutral tone. According to […]

The power of mirrors in your home

Have you ever heard about the hall of mirrors in the palace of Versailles? This famous room was made by order of Louis XVI, The Sun King. Who decided to put 357 mirrors to reflect the gardens and the outdoor light. At night, when the chandeliers are turned on, the entire room is illuminated and […]

The trendiest window treatments on Miami high rises

drapery on sunset

To start off, Mami high rises symbolizes luxury and cutting edge lifestyles; therefore luxury condos in this market want anything but the best window treatment fabrics and smart systems in their homes. Some of the most relevant window treatment products in these types of units are : motorized drapery and Roller blinds which from previous […]

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