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The power of mirrors in your home

Have you ever heard about the hall of mirrors in the palace of Versailles?

brown wooden coffee table below an uplight chandelier
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This famous room was made by order of Louis XVI, The Sun King. Who decided to put 357 mirrors to reflect the gardens and the outdoor light. At night, when the chandeliers are turned on, the entire room is illuminated and lets you observe all the details of the room.

Today, mirrors are essential in our home as a decorative or functional element. Here we will recommend how to maximize the use of mirrors in your home:

Mirror wall.

This can be of different shapes, such as a set of collage decorative mirrors and another option can be large mirror panels on the entire wall. These panels can be configured with geometric shapes or dilations between them.

spacious living room with couch
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mirror reflection of cozy living room
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Reflection of Material.

If the mirror is placed completely in front of a wall with a special texture, color, or shape, it will duplicate the texture, image, and color. The idea is that the mirror wall reflects the character of the other wall. Look at our catalog with Wall Coverings to give character to your home.

white wardrobe in spacious room
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New window

It is easy to create a new window in your home: you must place a mirror near, or in front of a window. In this way, a new landscape and much more light will be created. It is recommended to do this on dark or low-life walls. Ask us about our elegant cornices and valances to give luxury to your windows.

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Double the light

Do you remember the functionality of the 357 mirrors of the Palace of Versailles? Well, at home you can do the same. Just locate your mirror or mirror wall closed to an area with lamps.

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Mirrors in home areas.

The areas that should have a mirror are the hallways, bathrooms, living room, and dining room. Adding mirrors one in front of the other will create an infinite effect. In this way, space will expand and give us a feeling of openness. We recommend putting round mirrors or mirrors with small frames.

mirror and sink in bathroom
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modern corridor with door in flat
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Floor mirrors.

These mirrors are very successful because they are easy to move and also have very modern designs. We recommend putting it in the corners to expand the space and light.

interior of room with furniture
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staircase with glass wall in modern apartment
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Mirror furniture.

The trend in 2021 will be to use furniture with reflective materials, such as a coffee table, cabinets, wardrobe, or decorative furniture. This furniture is perfect for white spaces.

purple blanket
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In summary, there are many benefits that mirrors can offer to your home. We recommend putting these tips into practice.

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