Are you a Wood fan? Use it in your home!

Wooden facade - Modern house design by SAOTA - featured on Architecture  Beast 25 - Architecture Beast
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Wood has always been an important part of our home for its functionality, elegance, and multiple uses.

Oceanside Opulence: Step into This Luxurious Two-Story Penthouse in Miami!
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Wood brings us a comfortable and cozy look to the interior design. On the other hand, it is not only a sustainable material, but it is also very versatile, and you can add a rustic or a contemporary look.

We recommend to you the use of wood in the following places:


Wood is the perfect element to offer harmony and composition to the floors of your home. Wood can be gray or have light colors, which match correctly with modern designs, or, on the other hand, dark and brown colors are the right tones for rustic and homey styles.

European Oak Floors - Miami - by Martinez Wood Floors Inc.
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Wall Masters
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Wood can be a beautiful decorative style on the walls and works as an elegant focus. You can use designs with defined patterns or simple wood panels. Here we tell you how you can combine it with marble.

Mid-Century Modern Home In The Slopes - DigsDigs
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DIY Wood Accent Walls • OhMeOhMy Blog
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The Paul Hayden Kirk House in Bellevue - Mid Century Home
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Dividing walls.

If you have a very large or multi-level space, wood serves as a transparent wall to create elegant separations that will add a chic touch to your home. Here you will find ideas to decorate your home with plants!

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Como separar las áreas de tu hogar, ¡Sin paredes! (con imágenes) |  Decoracion de comedores modernos, Diseño de jardines interiores, Diseño de  interiores salas
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If you are a lover of interior design, we recommend the use of panels, long wood elements, or wooden frames that will be hanging or attached to the ceiling of your home. Leave the wood timbers in view!.

Ecological House In Montreal With Contemporary Exposed Beams | iDesignArch  | Interior Design, Architecture & Interior Decorating eMagazine
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Ceilings | Exosar Design Studio
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Balconies and decks.

There is special wood for the outdoors. These kinds of woods are ideal to use on balconies, porches, decks, or in backyards. Don’t forget to protect your floors from light and rain with our awnings.

The Best Hotels with Balconies in Miami Beach | The Hotel Guru
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Check our website, you will find the perfect draperies and blinds according to the type and color of the wood you choose to create harmony in your home.

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