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Automating Lighting in the house, It results warm, flashy and efficient environments.

One of the most important items on automation is lighting, which is the best ally in order to get Power efficiency.


Task lighting

As its name suggests, this type of lighting is used to illuminate areas where tasks are frequently performed.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting is a resource used in modern interior design that can highlight certain elements like paintings, sculptures, an entrance or an architectural feature.

Ambient lighting

Ambient is a lot like low lighting in that it has a practical effect of illuminating spaces. However, the difference is that while low lighting provides direct light, ambient lighting provides indirect.

Mood lightling

Mood lighting is most often closest to someone’s eye level. As such, you should avoid light bulbs that give a harsh glare. Instead, look for soft light that affects the mood of the room.


Coming with the comfort in a smart House, automatized audio systems are the best complement in your home.
Relaxing and special moments, audio high performance should stand out.


Special sound systems for Home Theaters and Cinemas.


Play relaxing sounds or anything you want on your entire home.


Now days security is a priority at home. Ultimate is the best choice to have a safe home.
Thanks to our partners, we are able to bring you safety with different kind of systems


Eufy and Nest are two partners, with fingerprint lockers, card lockers and security codes, we have new, safety and efficient resources.


Strategically located, we look for a complete coverage of your home, that way you can check your home status wherever you want.

Occupancy Sensor

It works as control, detecting if there are people at home, It can control lighting, Air conditioning and other, in order to save power.

A personal assistant that takes care of your home

Contact us for a free home consultation, and we will show you how we can transform your home for the ultimate in convenience, luxury and technology.

In order to have free home consultation your project size must be from 2,500USD


Being a fundamental part in each of the home spaces, Ultimate Shades & Blinds offers the best options in curtains.
Being part of the automation system, the shades can be programmed to allow light access or achieve darkness.

Sliding Panel

Striking designs that maximize elegance. Works on both small windows, large bay windows, or sliding doors.

Roller Shades

Solution to adjust the amount of light or visibility you want.

Roman Shades

Roman style curtains are the best design ally thanks to their wide range of colours.

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