Decorate your home with decorative plants.


Plants purify the air, provide freshness and create contrast with their beautiful bright colors. They also offer rich fragrances to help create an atmosphere of tranquility. You can have many plants or a few. It all depends on your preferences. Contemplate these tips for using plants in your home: Choose the place. You can place them […]

The power of mirrors in your home

Have you ever heard about the hall of mirrors in the palace of Versailles? This famous room was made by order of Louis XVI, The Sun King. Who decided to put 357 mirrors to reflect the gardens and the outdoor light. At night, when the chandeliers are turned on, the entire room is illuminated and […]

The Best Three Window Treatment Product for Insulation Purposes

screen roller shade

Insulation plays a massive role in ensuring a healthy living space. However, before you start thinking of the usual, heat pumps and solar heating, do you know your window treatment choice can also help with your insulation needs? This article will explain some insulation benefits and suggest three of the best window treatment options for […]

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