The future is now! Automate your curtains and blinds with our products.

Today it is possible to have control of your spaces simply by pressing a button. In 2021 you can arrive at your home, office, or work and configure your preferences. So when you arrive, your spaces will be at a certain temperature, with low light, the curtains up or down, and even with your favorite […]

Don’t be afraid to use black in your house! Black is back!

On these famous catwalks of fashion such as Paris, Milan, or New York, the color black never goes out of style. In clothing, it can have a masking effect, but in interior design, it is the opposite. The use of dark colors in our home always attracts attention. Black is a neutral tone. According to […]

Best Materials for Blinds and Shades

roller shade transparent

Blinds are a type of window covering. We are often looking for things to improve the aesthetics of our homes and complement the existing décor, and sometimes you may decide to buy seats that match the carpet or the color of the walls.  This same spirit should continue when choosing window blinds. Because windows are […]

The Best Shades and Blinds with Children Safety Features

girl looking at blinds

Are your window coverings safe for kids? Let’s find out. Whether you have children or pets around the housing, ensuring optimal safety around your home should be of top priority. Asides the usual suspects, did you know that your window treatments, whether shades or window blinds, pose a considerable threat. The cords from your window […]

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