Art Should be a must for every home!

Art develops the imagination. It is the essence of an exclusive creation, whose results have taken time, ideas, methods, and techniques. Art offers conversation topics, supports artists, and give style and character to our home. We all know that art is subjective, but we give you tips to keep in mind to choose that perfect […]

The trendiest window treatments on Miami high rises

drapery on sunset

To start off, Mami high rises symbolizes luxury and cutting edge lifestyles; therefore luxury condos in this market want anything but the best window treatment fabrics and smart systems in their homes. Some of the most relevant window treatment products in these types of units are : motorized drapery and Roller blinds which from previous […]

The Best Shades and Blinds with Children Safety Features

girl looking at blinds

Are your window coverings safe for kids? Let’s find out. Whether you have children or pets around the housing, ensuring optimal safety around your home should be of top priority. Asides the usual suspects, did you know that your window treatments, whether shades or window blinds, pose a considerable threat. The cords from your window […]

The Best Three Window Treatment Product for Insulation Purposes

screen roller shade

Insulation plays a massive role in ensuring a healthy living space. However, before you start thinking of the usual, heat pumps and solar heating, do you know your window treatment choice can also help with your insulation needs? This article will explain some insulation benefits and suggest three of the best window treatment options for […]

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