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Motorized window control options are the greatest and fastest-growing category in the shade category. As it continues to gain momentum, the cost of motorization continues to decline.

This is, by far, the best option for child convenience and safety. Presently, motorized window coverings are now a must-have feature in businesses and homes. Here are some of the motorization options from major manufacturers.

Motorization with Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas offers the industry’s biggest collection of custom made, energy-efficient window treatments. Its product line includes roman shades, pleated shades, roller shades, horizontal shades, awnings, honeycomb shades, vertical shades, shutters, blinds, panels, and louvers.

To ensure that you don’t have to sacrifice feel and look when choosing motorized window coverings, Hunter Douglas offers window fashion that is comprised of equal parts function and styles.

The stylish appearance of Hunter Douglas PowerView

  • The Hunter Douglas PowerView system can be used with over 30 Hunter Douglas window fashions
  • In the absence of a well-hidden battery pack and unsightly wires, your treatment windows can maintain an aesthetic look.

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  • It offers a variety of ways to operate your PowerView System.
  • You can either use two different pebble controls (a Pebble Scene Controller or a Pebble remote control) or the FREE PowerView App (available on iOS and Android platforms).
  • Most PowerView motorized window treatments are simple to install, maintain, and operate.
  • PowerView shades are customizable. Hence, you can modify the scheduling feature and operate on your schedule.
  • PowerView motorized shades can be linked to third party devices. Thus you can enjoy luxuries like full-house automation and the ability to control your window treatment when you’re not at home via cloud-based drivers and software.
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Motorization with Somfy

Does your space have windows that are very tall and hard to reach? Do you have too many windows? If yes, then you can use Somfy motorized blinds to adjust your shades and create the perfect setting for any event.

Somfy’s motors are customizable and very easy to use. These motors can be powered in many ways: from tabletop controls to handheld remotes and wireless wall switches.

Furthermore, the motor has a Radio Technology Somfy feature which makes it easy for you to easily control your window coverings without having a line-of-sight connection (meaning, you can control your window from anywhere without strategically pointing to a dedicated part of the motorized treatment before using it).

Somfy’s motorized blinds are easily adjustable on automatic timers, and they can sync to your third-party full automation system. Now, you can use your smartphone, wall panel, or universal remote to operate your window treatments and motorized window blinds: without hassles.

Do you need a smart, automated, smooth, and seamless motorized window treatment for your space? Contact us today, and we’ll help you out.


  • Wireless capabilities Quiet motor for silent operation
  • Battery option for wire-free motorization
  • Customizable blind settings which make it very easy for you to set a preferred and easily accessible position
  • And many more Do you want to know whether Somfy motorized window coverings are the perfect option for you?

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Motorization with Rollease

Some window shading challenges don’t require a motorized solution. In such cases, Rollease has the answer. Specifically, Rollease designs and manufactures patented manual window covering OS that is suitable for both commercial and residential products. It specializes in manufacturing premium operating system and best-engineered system for both hard and soft windows.

Rollease Acmedia Motors are very easy to operate, and each motor can preset positions, adjust many shades at the same time, and be controlled via many avenues (e.g., sensors, wall switches, and handheld remotes) to enhance customer experience.

For instance, the Rollease Acmedia Automate Li-on is a series of wireless motors that comes with a built-in, rechargeable battery range for internal shades. These motors feature an Automated Radio Communications technology (ARC), and they’re great for retrofit in commercial and residential projects.

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  • There’s also the Automate DC powered motorized shades which are very easy to operate, hardwired, have low voltage for energy efficiency and require little or no maintenance.  The Automate DC powered motorized shades are suitable for residential and commercial space design, and with the help of its leveling controls, you can precisely position your window coverings in a way that suits you.

  • The automate AC Tabular motors incorporate an ARC technology, a lifting capability of up to 14ft and a bi-directional communication which allows you to automate and monitor your shades’ position easily. Typically, the motors are used with window treatments and awnings for large windows.

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Motorization with Lutron

For long, Lutron has dominated the light dimming industry commonly found in homes and commercial buildings. They’re also the industry leader in the quiet motor technology used to operate roman shades and shading systems.

If you want to achieve a sheer view to the outdoors or perhaps a room darkening privacy, then Lutron’s light and shading technologies are one lasting solution for total light control.

Below is a recommended list of Lutron systems that we provide at Ultimate Shades and Blinds. 


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Recommended Lutron Systems

These systems offer smooth movement of multiple shades, ultra-quiet, simple operation, and seamless integration with Lutron home automation and lighting controls system for both residential and commercial spaces.
  • Lutron Sivoia QS: this motor can be suitably used to operate the entire line of Lutron’s automated window treatments like their drapery systems, a wide variety of shades and blinds.

  • Lutron Sivoia QS Triathlon Shades: these motors are also great for retrofit application, and they integrate seamlessly with a full-home control system. Also, they can be conveniently used at difficult to reach locations, many thanks to the Sivoia QS Triathlon technology and long battery life.

  • Lutron Sivoia QS Wireless: just like the Lutron Sivoia QS system, Lutron Sivoia QS wireless can be used to operate the entire line of Lutron’s automated window coverings excepts on the conditions when wired conditions are not needed. This system is ideal for renovation, retrofit, and control of shades in a single room, multiple rooms, and even an entire building or home.

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