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The future is now! Automate your curtains and blinds with our products.

Today it is possible to have control of your spaces simply by pressing a button.

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In 2021 you can arrive at your home, office, or work and configure your preferences. So when you arrive, your spaces will be at a certain temperature, with low light, the curtains up or down, and even with your favorite music playing all over the place.

We are lucky for the fast progress in technology in the last few decades!

For this reason, we offer you our curtains and blinds besides our automation services, and also we guarantee:


Say goodbye to dangling cables!. With the simple act of pressing a button, you can raise or put down your blinds and shades. This avoids accidents with pets, children, or even yourself.

If you live or work on a high floor. And also you are afraid of heights, our automation services are the best option for you.

drapery with view to city
luminette closed
automated shades kids room


The time is gold! And what better way to save it than by using automated systems to control light and comfort in your home.

If you are very comfortable on your sofa, bed, or desk and you don’t want to get up, you can save yourself the work of opening or closing the blinds.

If you have a long space, don’t wait any longer, and just with just one button, you will close all the curtains.

automated shades bathroom
shades automation
shades automation closed
drapery in living room


Our systems detect sunlight and adjust in automatic mode to control the entry of light t5o your spaces. Also, it is possible to configure preferences according to summer or winter.

drapery in kitchen mansion
blinds automation in apartment
hunter douglas blinds living room

Elegance and sophistication.

The best way to impress your guests is by showing the modifications and renovations you made to your spaces. Believe us, they will be amazed by your new kind of curtains.

drapery with blinds in living room with ocean view

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