Art Should be a must for every home!

Art develops the imagination. It is the essence of an exclusive creation, whose results have taken time, ideas, methods, and techniques. Art offers conversation topics, supports artists, and give style and character to our home. We all know that art is subjective, but we give you tips to keep in mind to choose that perfect […]

Start 2021 with a new window treatment!

We are near to welcome the new year, and the best way to start another year is with a fantastic makeover to your home by upgrading your existing windows coverings The vertical lines and smooth faces will give elegance to your home. For this, the best treatment is to use shades with different styles to […]

Decorate your home with decorative plants.


Plants purify the air, provide freshness and create contrast with their beautiful bright colors. They also offer rich fragrances to help create an atmosphere of tranquility. You can have many plants or a few. It all depends on your preferences. Contemplate these tips for using plants in your home: Choose the place. You can place them […]

Benefits of Dual Roller Shades Systems!

dual roller shade texture

A dual shade system is the most used window treatment for those wanting a private yet simple way of living. Layering a beautiful light-filtering screen with a solid Blackout that creates a streamlined look, offers flexibility, and complements the décor in nearly every home. Roller shade screens comes in different opening factors that goes from: […]

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