Tips for choosing suitable draperies for your home.

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The draperies are perfect elements for the decoration of your home. They provide elegance and identity. Also, they are the elements to preserve your privacy and control the temperature and illumination.

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Deciding the perfect draperies can be arduous work. We will help you with the following tips:

Peculiarities of your home.

The draperies will change if you live in an apartment with high windows on the 20th floor. Or in a big mansion with gardens and close to the sea where the sun is constant.

drapery on sunset
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Make a budget. After that, choose fabrics, shapes, and designs for your home. Don’t forget that you deserve the best!. With our automatized draperies you will find the quality you want.

drapery in living room
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It can be a modern, elegant, and luxurious style or something elaborate and ostentatious. It all depends on your personal choices. See our draperies styles here.

cornice and valances
automated shades living room


The color of the draperies depends on the space; It can be a large and white place. Or a small one with warm colors, or dark and gray tones. Combine it with the good use of mirrors or follow our recommendation to put wall coverings in your home.

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Height and Width.

If you are looking for a modern look, allow the draperies to fall to the floor or if you are more classic, let them rise a bit above the floor. Be sure they are wider than the window frame.

automated shades bathroom
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If you have low ceilings, you should use vertical lines or designs and otherwise some horizontal details such as rings, support, folds, or decorative knots.

goblet draperies
Goblet pleat
ripple draperies on zoom

Efficiency and comfort.

Control the light and temperature by choosing thick fabrics that offer warmth and protection from the sun or thin fabrics that allow light and air to pass through.

botero with drapery closed
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automated shades living room

Contact us and review our products to advise you and offer you our quality draperies.

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