Art Should be a must for every home!

Art develops the imagination. It is the essence of an exclusive creation, whose results have taken time, ideas, methods, and techniques. Art offers conversation topics, supports artists, and give style and character to our home. We all know that art is subjective, but we give you tips to keep in mind to choose that perfect […]

Use Marble! Is elegant, luxurious, and an eternal stone!

Marble is a poetic material. It was used by the ancient Greeks and Romans in sculptures, palaces, and fantastic constructions that showed authority and elegance. At the beginning of the 20th century, its use was resumed in architectural spaces such as big houses and beautiful public and private buildings. Today marble is a symbol of […]

Tips for choosing suitable draperies for your home.

Home in Mimi by Kopy KARP

The draperies are perfect elements for the decoration of your home. They provide elegance and identity. Also, they are the elements to preserve your privacy and control the temperature and illumination. Deciding the perfect draperies can be arduous work. We will help you with the following tips: Peculiarities of your home. The draperies will change […]

The trendiest window treatments on Miami high rises

drapery on sunset

To start off, Mami high rises symbolizes luxury and cutting edge lifestyles; therefore luxury condos in this market want anything but the best window treatment fabrics and smart systems in their homes. Some of the most relevant window treatment products in these types of units are : motorized drapery and Roller blinds which from previous […]

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