Benefits of Dual Roller Shades Systems!

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A dual shade system is the most used window treatment for those wanting a private yet simple way of living. Layering a beautiful light-filtering screen with a solid Blackout that creates a streamlined look, offers flexibility, and complements the décor in nearly every home.

Roller shade screens comes in different opening factors that goes from: 1%  being the most effective for extreme heat conditions through 10 % that basically will offer a layers of protection and privacy without disrupting your outdoor view, but never as effective as a lower percentage. This particular shades will reduce the glare while still allowing light to filter through, therefore creating a space full of natural light. While they do offer privacy during the day, silhouettes are visible at night-time from 3% openness and up; which is why we recommend a dual system for those wanting optimal privacy, especially in the bedrooms. Once the sun sets in the evening and lights are turned on inside, we recommend to roll down the Blackout shades to achieve maximum privacy. It creates an instantly cosy space as the polyester layer ensures no-one can see through. 

It provides maximum light blockage, are also greatly used for meeting rooms, media rooms, and specially Bedrooms. If you are one of the people whose can get disturb by any light in your surroundings when going to sleep ; this is the window treatment you want to implement in your house. Room darkening shades reduces unwanted light up to 98 %. And it comes in  abundance of styles textures and colors.

The dual roller system can be order Manually or motorized; using our wide array of motorization options such as: Somfy, Rollease, Celtic, Hunter Douglas and Lutron. It creates a sense of control in every space and it is much simpler to operate. Just with the push of a button, you can control your blinds. From any smart cellphone, tablet or automation system. Something really important to consider while choosing the dual mounting brackets is Functionality and look. This system will allow you to have both : natural light, privacy at the same time while using the minimum depth space. Not only that you will minimize the space used when installing it. Other systems can be mounted separately  but it wouldn’t look as good as having one single and compact system that will deliver a great look and functionality at the same time. Dual brackets are the most used system when it comes to combine a screen & blackout shades

This system is mostly used because during the day you can enjoy the view through a highly translucent, light filtering fabric and at night, switch over to a more opaque, even block -out material to eliminate light and ensure privacy. However it doesn’t stop there; even though we have the black out material the job wouldn’t be completed if we omit the aluminium side rails. This component is actually the piece that makes the whole difference when darkening a room. Having aluminium side rails in the sides and the bottom we will guarantee not light filtration will occur neither on the side edge or the bottom. Definitely a must have feature when doing the job right.

In summary there is many benefits of a dual shade system and one disadvantage : you will over sleep if you don’t set up your alarm every day. Hope you enjoy this informative article and help you choose wisely your next window treatment purchase.

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Andres and his team did a really good job. His installation crew was super careful and friendly ; You can tell they do this every day. We are really happy with the final result and service. Thank you very much guys. Highly recommended.


We highly recommend Ultimate shades, Andres and his crew were super knowledgeable. We ordered some Somfy motorized screen shades after we installed our new impact windows and we love them.

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